All Dolled Up Makeup Designs

Express your inner doll

My name is Allissa Mathias, I am the owner and freelance artist of All Dolled Up Makeup Designs. At All Dolled Up, I am focused on providing the most outstanding cosmetic services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

My passion for makeup started at a young age, it seemed I was always in someone's makeup bag. After high school I followed my passion for cosmetics by attending La'James International College, graduating the Esthetics program and passing the Iowa State Boards

My love for skincare grew even further than just cosmetics, in addition to starting my own business I decided to continue my education at Kaplan University in their medical assisting program. I graduated summa cum lade with my Associates in Health & Science and passed the Iowa State Board exam becoming a Certified Medical Assistant. Post graduation, I took a CMA job at Dermatology PC working beside 3 MOHS certified Dermatologist all while maintaining my own business part time. 

After a over a year completed at the dermatology office, I could not ignore my passion for makeup, I accepted a position with MAC Cosmetics as Asst. Retail Manager. MAC was an incredible learning experience both professional & personal. Due to the nature of retail hours, accommodating All Dolled Up clients was tough; therefore, the decision of allowing my dream to fully blossom to a full time business was the next step. 

My extensive medical background sets me apart from every other esthetician or makeup artist in the Des Moines area, but I also have extensive retail and customer service experience giving me the capability to service all clients. Outside of All Dolled Up I am a wife, a daughter, an aunt, and a mom to three cat's. I love scary movies, and binge watching Netflix with my husband. I am a Pinterest addict, who is not anymore? I enjoy the change of seasons here in Des Moines and appreciate the wonderful family and friends I have in my life.

Meet my part time makeup artist: Stephanie Miles 

Stephanie has over 4 years experience in the cosmetic industry & has worked with me over the last 3 years as my assistant. Stephanie completed her first year as my part time makeup artist in 2017 surpassing every All Dolled Up tests & standards. Stephanie's work is very comparable to my own which makes her such a great asset to my team! I of course sign off on all makeup applications to make sure they are up to the All Dolled Up standard. I am so excited to have Stephanie as a part of my All Dolled Up team.

Little do you know Stephanie is quite the business woman participating in companies such as Tastefully Simple & Rodan Fields in addition to her work at All Dolled Up. When Stephanie is not working she enjoys spending time with her fiance Austin & her daughter Avery. Stephanie currently is filling her time with wedding planning as it is her time to be the bride! Fun fact: Stephanie Miles is my big sister & my niece Avery (2 year old) is obsessed with makeup & has quite the application skills, I guess it runs in the family!